Today's mortgage market is highly competitive. Qualifying for a mortgage with a credit score of 620 or below may seem impossible...but that's just not the case. At Security Mortgage Lending our professional Mortgage Consultants can help. We have lenders who will lend with credit scores below 620 and we can also help tell you how to improve your credit score. Either way we can help and it costs you absolutely nothing to see if you qualify for a loan. Apply now or learn more by giving us a call or reviewing the info below.

It can still be done. A credit score under 620 is available for an FHA insured mortgage.

Why a credit score below 620 often does not qualify for an loan?

Since the crash of the sub prime mortgage market most lenders now have much stricter criteria for qualifying for a mortgage loan. Traditionally a 620 credit score was the standard for qualifying for a conforming mortgage. However, today, most FHA lenders seem to have adopted this 620 score requirement into their FHA guidelines as well.

There is a common misconception about how the financing of an FHA loan actually works. Most people think that the government is actually lending them the money. Although the lender must be approved by the federal government to make FHA loans, the government is actually only insuring the loan. It is the lender that must provide the funds for the loan.Security Mortgage Lending has a large number of banks we work with so finding a lender if your score is below 620 is not a problem.

There are lenders providing FHA insured mortgages with credit scores under 620 andSecurity Mortgage Lending works with these lenders.

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